Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Training Challenge

Okay, so I thought this potty training thing would be going a lot smoother than it has. How hard can it be to potty train your toddler, right? I had no idea I was up for a whole new challenge. So, I decided not to get the ever so popular, "fancy smancy princess potty chair" that makes music everytime your child goes potty. I figured all I needed was a basic potty chair and we could always decorate it with stickers. Avery seemed interested in her new potty at first and wanted to sit on it all the time, which was a good sign. The first week or so she was doing really well and was eager to try it out. I was trying so hard to be patient with her and explain it to her, in her "toddler language". She was doing very well and even went in the potty at one point. I was so happy, I almost cried tears of joy! It's kind of ridiculous what my life has come to these days!  So I thought we were on track and this was going to be a sinch, until one day Avery didn't want to use the potty anymore. Noooo! That wasn't supposed to happen....aaaahhhhh! Well, maybe I pushed her too much or maybe she just isn't ready yet. Now she doesn't even want to step foot in the bathroom....and I thought we were making progress. Having talked to other moms, I've heard all kinds of stories of the challenges of potty training. I figure, atleast I'm not alone, right? I guess I need to give it time and be patient. I mean, she'll eventually get the hang of it and I'm not exactly in a rush for my little girl to grow up. As for now, the potty chair challenge continues. Maybe a trip to the local book store for a potty training book isn't such a bad idea.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Callum is 6 months

Callum recently turned 6 mos. old, which means my little guy is already half a year old. It seemed just yesterday he was a teeny, tiny newborn new to the world. Where did the time go? I am having so much fun just seeing him grow from day to day and watching him explore so many new tastes and sounds. Eating new foods has been enjoyable for him, as he seems to like pretty much anything I make for him. He loves playing with his big sister and observes everything she does. He has sooo much energy and is already getting around, quite literally. He has gotten so good at rolling over from his back to his tummy now and has taken his first crawling steps. I can only imagine the energy this little boy will have when he is Avery's age! I guess I'm in for a surprise!