Friday, November 22, 2013

Callum's Bites his Tongue

So I got a call from Callum's teacher yesterday saying that he had bitten through his tongue while eating lunch and it was bleeding pretty good. So my first response, being the mom I am, ran outta the house and drove (okay raced) about 50 mph up the hill to his school, lol! When I got there Miss Felisa told me he didn't want to eat anymore of his lunch and she noticed his mouth was bleeding. She looked in his mouth and saw a cut across his tongue and a lot of blood. Apparently my little guy had chomped down on his tongue while eating his food and sliced right through the top about a quarter of an inch long. OOOUCHH! The crazy thing about it was, he wasn't even crying and was completely calm about it, and when I got there he was sucking on a popsicle and looked completely fine. I on the other hand was a bit surprised! My poor little guy!We've been monitoring it and have been having him rinse with warm salt water in the mean time. It looks like it should heal just fine. Just something else we can smile about later on, right?! ;)

 Day #2 of tongue injury. You can see where the cut is and part of his tongue pokes out from the side because he sliced it underneath.  :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Princess Sofia

Thanks to the long Veterans Day holiday, we were able to venture over to our favorite hang out today. We spotted Avery's faaaavorite princess ever, Sofia, as we were leaving the Muppets 3D show. We made our way over as they were closing the line down and made it just in time before Princess Sofia had to leave!

                                               A big princess hug!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Avery Looses another Tooth

So I went to pick up Avery after school today and as she was walking towards me and I noticed she had water and some blood down her shirt. As she walks closer to me she tells me that she pulled out her tooth in class today and hands me her tooth in an envelope. Uhhh...okay, definately wasn't expecting that. I guess her friend Bailey had pulled out her tooth in class earlier today and Avery decided she wanted to pull her tooth out also. I knew it was loose, but not that loose. Sheeesh! I guess we're in for another visit from the tooth fairy!

Happy Halloween

Twas a Happy Halloween and both kiddos had a great day with the usual costumes and school parties. Here is my Pinkalicious and my super cool Fire fighter! Trick or treating through the neighborhood was lots of fun and a special thank you to all the grandparents who walked the neighborhood with us, which made for an even more spooktacular evening. :)

            Waiting for the next trick or treater to ring the bell
                                  My cool fire fighter...

                                       and Pinkalicious herself!

1st Grade Award Assembly

Avery had her 1st grade award assembly on Tuesday. I have to say the awards are a tad on the early side this year but it's great to see them getting rewarded for all their hard work. She came home with a certificate for Excellent Attendance and Honor Roll. Way to go Avery!

                       Avery with her teacher Mrs. Sheehan!