Friday, May 28, 2010

Opinionated Toddler

Avery is a very opinionated little girl and she knows what she likes and doesn't like when it comes to clothes, and just about everything else....and yes, she's not even 3 yet. She even likes to pick out her clothes right down to the hair accessories every morning. I try to compromise with her and let her wear what she likes (as long as it's somewhat matching). Apparently my little girl had to voice her opinion this morning on mommy's clothes, which is definately out of the ordinary. I had put on a new tshirt this morning, (Calvin Klein might I add) and had no idea what I was about to encounter. When I walked out of the bathroom, Avery looked up at me and said, "Is that mommy's ugly shirt?" Little did I know I was just about to encounter the toddler fashion police. I just laughed it off of course and thought to myself, I refuse to let my fashion sense be skewed by a 2 year old. Who knew a toddler could be so critical, right?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pics of the Month

                   Avery loves shopping for a new pair of sunglasses

                                          Crazy balloon hair

                                      Wearing daddy's hat

                             Callum caught playing under the table again


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

One of Avery's favorite things to do besides playdough and coloring, is playing with her "amazing bubbles." She loooves to blow lots and lots of bubbles and watch them POP! It keeps her entertained for hours. :)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Under the Weather (Part 2)

Well, we thought we were out of the clear with Callum's weird behavior and 102 fevers that had been going on this past week, until I was summoned downstairs this morning to find that my son had little red spots all over his stomach and back and around his ears and face. It looked as though he developed some kind of rash all over most of his body. My first thought was "Oh no, what if he has the measles! How is that even possible?!" I instantly went into panic mode and was on the phone with the doctor's within minutes. We were able to have him seen within a couple of hours. Sometimes I don't know what's worse, seeing the doctor, or having to wait in the doctor's office for 45 min. waiting to be seen. After the doctor walked in, she looked at him and almost instantly knew what was going on with him. Apparently our son has something called Roseola, which is a common virus found in infants and toddlers. It starts with fever that lasts for several days and dissapears, following an onset of a rash. All of his symptoms were right on and explained his "extreme" crabbiness and lack of energy. He was actually the 4th case of it that she had seen this morning and she explained that the rash may get worse before it goes away and it could last 5-10 days, but he will be fine. I am hoping Avery doesn't develop the same thing since it is contagious, but we will be watching her very carefully for the next few days. As for Phil and I, we are able to breathe once again and are soooo relieved to hear that it is nothing serious. We can put our crazy thoughts of thinking the worse behind us now and enjoy our Mother's Day weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under the Weather

My little boy has been very much under the weather the last few days. He just hasn't been his happy, energetic self and has been sooo moody with a persistent fever. Before I took him to his doctor appointment this morning, the poor little guy was laying on the floor and didn't feel up to playing and watching his cartoons. Luckily I was able to get him in for an early appointment so I could get on with my day. Well, it turns out that the doctor doesn't know exactly what's going on, (which isn't a big surprise) and it could possibly be the start of a virus. Also, he says that kids can develop fevers without any other symptoms present and it will just suddenly dissapear. Let's hope that's the case because taking him in for further testing is not on the top of my fun list. I am already stressing out enough as it is! The good news is, he says he doesn't think it's anything serious. I'm hoping this fever will break soon so we can all get back to our happy, regular selves.

Here is a picture of Callum falling asleep on daddy's lap this morning. Poor little guy didn't even want to watch his cartoons.