Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fresh Beat Band Concert

Avery and I recently got the opportunity to go to the Fresh Beat Band concert. Her best friend Skylar and her mom invited us to go since they had extra tickets. This was one of Avery's first concerts and she had a blast. She's watched The Fresh Beat Band on TV ever since she was a baby, and it's always been one of her favorite shows, so she was so excited to go see them in person. Of course I had to get lots of pictures and video so I could show my little guy too, since he is also a big Fresh Beat Band fan.

Friday, November 23, 2012

School Turkey Day Celebration

                                        My little guy loves his pumpkin pie!

Callum's class had invited the parents to join them in a pre Thanksgiving celebration with songs, storytime, and some yummy food. Here is my little guy enjoying his turkey meal with his friends. Happy Turkey Day! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treating

Avery and Callum had a blast last night trick or treating through the neighborhood. We met up with some of Avery's friends so we had a nice little group to walk the neighborhood with. Callum was definately a little hesitant to go up to some of the houses, but after awhile, he had got the hang of it and was running up to the doors. They were so excited to get back home and dump all their candy out and see what the got. They did awesome! Unfortunately we have tons of it sitting around the house and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I've already eaten several pieces of it just this morning. Darn those Kit Kats. in trouble! Here are the little trick or treaters in action.

                                    Jake and the Neverland Pirate
                                               Starsong Pony
                                            Angelina and Avery
Angelina, Skylar, Angelina, Avery, and Callum

Kindergarten Dress up day

Avery had a great day at school yesterday! All of her friends came to school dressed up in costume and  were so excited for Halloween. Avery and her friend Skylar dressed up as ponies, from My Little Pony. It was a day of parties and CANDY galore!

                                           Skylar, Avery, and Emmilee
                               Skylar, Avery, Emmilee, and Addison
                              Avery and her best friend Skylar

Pumpkin Patch

Callum's class had a pumpkin patch at school yesterday and he got to dress up and pick out his own pumpkin. The school had a bunch of fun Halloween activities planned for the kids. They got to put their hands inside the pumpkins and fish out the seeds, feel the different textures of the pumpkins and squash, and try some yummy pumpkin pudding....the pudding was sooo good (of course i had to try some too.) Here are some pics of my little pirate enjoying the Halloween festivities!

                                    Here's my little Jake Pirate
                                   Callum's class with his teacher Ms. Freda