Monday, January 24, 2011


Ahhhh.... It's so nice to have a few moments to sit down and relax while the kiddos are sleeping. I figure this was a perfect time to blog about their recent trip to Disneyland this past Friday. Since we have our annual passes now, I have a feeling we will be taking many many trips to Disneyland this year. I told Philip we will have to start a collection of all the pictures we take each time we visit and turn it into a giant Disneyland scrapbook for each of them.

They had such a great time last week! They were a little hesistant on some of the rides, but I don't blame them. I'd be scared too if I were that little. Avery enjoyed seeing some of her favorite disney characters up close and personal. She even got to chat with her favorite fairy, Tinkerbell, and her friends. Callum wasn't too sure about getting his picture taken with them just yet. He'll have to warm up a little, maybe next time. We were hoping to take them over to the haunted mansion (one of my favorites), but didn't think that was such a good idea. No sense in tramatizing them right? It's the happiest place on earth.

                                              Hugs with pooh bear
                                             That's a strong grip there Tigger!

                                   We all shrunk to the size of fairies (Avery doesn't look too happy about that)

                                               Avery chatting with the fairies

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Ballet Shoes

I bought Avery a new pair of ballet shoes today before she starts her class next week. She's been wearing them all day, which is good, because she needs to break them in. I hadn't even noticed, until Philip brought it to my attention, but Avery had drawn two A's on the bottom of her shoes. I've been completely clueless all day. To be honest, I think I was more impressed than anything. Not to mention, they are pretty good looking A's!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Avery & Callum's First Wedding

Avery and Callum had so much fun being in their Aunt Chelsea's wedding yesterday. Luckily both the kids walked down the isle together on queue and everything went off without a hitch. They looked so sweet in their wedding attire. It was the first time I've ever seen my little guy in a suit and tie. They seemed to love dancing at the reception and danced the evening away. The wedding was beautiful and they were so happy to be part of such a special day.

This was one of my favorites!