Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Operation Christmas Child

So every year we've made it a point to donate to an organization called "Operation Christmas Child." What we do is find our old shoe boxes and fill them with lots of goodies for other kids in need. Avery and Callum each pick out their own personal items that they would like to put inside the box, include a special letter, and then we deliver it to one of the nearby donation centers. It's a great program and we all have so much fun doing it.

      Last minute checks before boxes are to be dropped off at the donation center!

Father Daughter Sock Hop

Avery and her dad had attended the Father Daughter Sock Hop at her school on Friday. This is the second daddy daughter dance that they've had at the school and they've always have a great time. I thought it was such a fun theme this year. I snapped some photos of them before they had left in their stylish 50's attire.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Silver Honor Roll

Another exciting, happy day at school today! Today was our second award assembly of the week and Avery received her Silver Honor Roll. We are superrrrr proud of her! She is doing great this school year! She was also elected as one of the Multiplication Masters in her class. I'm always so happy to see not only my kiddos, but other students as well, doing their best in school and I think it is awesome that parents and teachers continue to recognize these students who work so hard. Go Titans!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Gold Honor Roll

Today was an exciting day at school. We attended the students Award Assembly at Temescal Valley and Callum was awarded a certificate for making first honors this trimester. We are so proud of our little guy and how he has been working so hard. He has come a long way since the beginning of the school year. We had a little difficulty getting him through the gate in the morning and walking to his class was quite a challenge for him. The transition from kindergarten into first grade was very different and scary. He was so used to the smaller environment with the kindergarteners and now he is in there with the older kids. It was quite an adjustment for him but he got through it and now he is doing GREAT! His big sister has helped him tremendously as well and has been so helpful with getting him get to class each morning. Avery would put her arm around him and pep talk him all the way to class. It was very sweet. We see that he has definately becoming more confident on a continual basis and we are very proud of him.

Happy Halloween!!!

So, I can't believe how long it has been since I last updated Avery and Callum's blog. I don't want to admit it, but I think it been a little over a year now and sooo much has been happening with them! Because it isn't possible to go back and share everything that has happened the past year, I will post about recent events. My goal is to hopefully continue and to keep it going and going. There is just far too much to blog about for me to not continue with all of their personal milestones. Plus I always love keeping my family and friends in the loop with their daily happenings.

Our Halloween was so much fun!! Avery had dressed up as a Black Kitty Cat and Callum was the caped Crusader "Batman!" We had gone trick or treating with some friends around our neighborhood. They seemed to do pretty well with the candy this year. There were lots of neighbors that participated this year so that was nice. There were only a few pieces of candy I had to discard from the pile and amazingly they haven't gone crazy with the candy yet. We usually let them have candy for about the first week and then we end up throwing the rest of it away. I know... it's so sad. :(

Here are some Halloween photos of the kids throughout the week.

Happy Halloween 2015!!!