Saturday, July 6, 2013

Canyon Lake

We were invited to come up and spend the day in Canyon Lake with some friends. They had recently bought a home on the lake and had us over for a day of fun activities for the kids. The kids went swimming in the lake and got to ride little motor boats just their size. I have to say we've really enjoyed all the time we've been able to spend on the lake this summer!

Trip to Mammoth Lakes

We recently took a family trip up to Mammoth Lakes and we all had a great time! The temperature was freezing the first day we arrived. Well, it was more like the lower 60's but it still felt very cold, not to mention rainy as well. Genius me forgot to bring jackets and pants, so we decided (had) to stay indoors the first day and sit around the fire to keep warm for the rest of the day. Luckily the temperatures warmed up each day we were there and by the last couple of days the weather was perfect and in the 90's.

We did lots of sight seeing and hiked the trails in the Inyo National Forest. I was surprised how well Avery and Callum did with the hiking. With the exception of a couple minor scrapes and  bug bites, they did awesome. I learned to never go hiking in the forest without lots and lots of bug spray. Otherwise you will pretty much be eaten alive, no questions asked.

We took the kids horseback riding, which they loved. They've ridden on ponies before, but this was their first time riding on a big horse. Avery rode on Haas and Callum rode on Barney. I think Avery's horse had  a cold because he kept sneezing on me the entire

We also decided to rent a pedal boat and go out on the lake, which was a lot of fun. All I can say is that Phil and I got some great upper and lower leg exercise. What a great work out! The lake was beautiful and very relaxing. We planned on being on the water for a couple hours, but it was cut short when my little guy decided he needed to use the bathroom after about 35 min on the water. Sounds about right...hee hee!

Philip had brought his poles with him and spent some time fishing. Avery and Callum were very good helpers and were very determined to help daddy catch a fish. Unfortunately they didn't have much luck but still had fun reeling in the fishing line.

We had such a peaceful and relaxing time up there. I cannot wait to take more trips to the mountains and next time I promise to not forget the jackets!!

Mammoth Lakes