Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yoga Playtime

Avery had her first mommy and me yoga class this past week. Her instructor, Miss Megan is very sweet and she's great with kids. She teaches the kids various yoga stretches while making them laugh and encourages silly imaginative play through props. Avery's favorite part was when her instructor blew bubbles around the room with a giant fan. The little kids looked so cute chasing after them. I love the class because it's structured and not only lets her get out her energy but allows her to socialize as well. Plus, the bonding time together is great.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Playing Checkers

Avery and Callum are counting down their last few days in OKC by enjoying a game of checkers after dinner at The Cracker Barrel. They are very excited to be going home soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oklahoma City

It's nearing two weeks that we've been in Oklahoma City now with one week to go. We've been busy exploring the sights, shopping, and eating at some great restaurants. My first time eating at The Cracker Barrel....great restaurant, one of the best around! Not to mention, they have some really good ice cream shops around here that we've been indulging at. Avery and Callum love ice cream! They have definately been out of their realm, as OKC is a lot different than Orange County, not to mention, being in a hotel for 2 weeks now is definately taking a toll on them. We are limited for time during the day, as the weather peaks up to the high 80's and 90's in the early afternoon, with humidity I can't even begin to describe. The good new is, despite the heat and being more than slightly homesick, we were able to celebrate the Memorial Day yesterday with a barbeque at Lake Hefner.

                    Daddy and Avery enjoying the sunset

                    Daddy and little Cal

                      Avery and I relaxing on the lake 

                               Lounging in the hotel room