Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Perfomances

Avery and Callum had their holiday perfomances at school this week. Parties and perfomances have seemed to be the theme of the week. This is their last week of school before Winter Break and they are so excited to have 3 entire weeks off from school. Yay!! I'm excited as well. It will be nice to slow things down a bit since has been, as expected, one superrrr busy month. Here are some photos of the kiddos perfomances.

"12 Days of Christmas" sang by the 3rd graders, Rock n' Roll style

       "Jingle Bells" sang by the 1st Graders

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Jazz Performance

Avery recently had her Holiday Jazz Perfomance. She did great! Her class has been working on the holiday routine for a couple months now and it really came together very nicely. You can tell that Miss Lindsey and all her students have been working hard in the studio!

                   Their song was "All I want for Christmas"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving in Mammoth

We had decided to spend Thanksgiving just the four of us this year in a cozy cabin up in Mammoth Lakes. It was beautiful with white snow everywhere! Avery and Callum loved playing in the snow and had a blast snow boogie-ing down the snowy slopes. They could have been playing outside all day long and didn't seem to mind a temperature of about 18 degrees as the daily high. (Yep, that was the warmest it got) We had so much fun throwing snowballs at each other and making snow angels. It snowed pretty much everyday we were there so we were very happy that we had decided to bring up the tire chains for the trip, as I'm not sure we would have been able to get around without them. Luckily there was a nice resident who had helped us put our chains on when we got up the mountain.

We had brought a turkey up with us so we were all prepared for thanksgiving day. We had a delicious meal sitting right beside the fire and a lovely view of the snow from our window. What else could we have asked for. It was such a great experience for the kids. This was Avery and Callum's very first time being in the snow together and they had embraced every minute of it. We left with many beautiful photos and some really great memories.

                                            Mammoth 2015

A Very Short Story

So I found this sitting on the top of Avery's dresser the other day and I thought it was quite funny. A story that is both witty and straight to the point!