Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vacation in Colorado

We recently vacationed to Colorado for Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Patrick's wedding. We stayed in the town of Breckenridge in a huge lodge with friends and family for two days...pretty darn awesome. The view was absolutely breathtaking, complete serenity and nothing but fields of nature. It was so great to be with family and friends and the wedding turned out absolutely beautiful. They couldn't have picked a more beautiful location.

After the wedding, we drove into Denver, where we spent the next few days. We ventured over to the Denver zoo, the Children's museum (great great place for the kids), and the Butterfly Pavilion, where Avery held her first taranchula, Rosie. We ate at lots of great restaurants and ate lots and lots of ice cream. One of my favorite places was a little ice cream shop right downtown Denver. It's called small man ice cream and they have the best ice cream in town. Their banana honey ice cream is insane.

I have to say that we felt our trip went by too quickly and we were a bit sad to have to go, but we had an awesome time and got some great pictures. I'm starting to get ideas for our next vacation. Oh, and Congrats to Patrick and Jeanette also, thanks for making our vacation so special. 

                                                                 Ice Cream!!!
Beautiful Breckenridge

Fun in Denver

  Avery and Callum got to ride on a fire truck at the Children's Museum

                 They got to create giant bubbles and watch them pop!

             They got to play pretend animal doctor.....Doc McStuffins
                 Avery all dressed up......

                And her furry friend Rosie