Friday, August 28, 2009

Staying Cool at the Water Park





 We took the kids down to the neighborhood Water park the other day to try and stay cool. We figured Avery would have a blast at the kids water park since we've never taken her before. We've lived here for 4 years now and just finally decided to head down there. Geez, it's about time, right? Sadly enough, it will probably be the first and last time we take Avery there for awhile. She wasn't very fond of being sprayed by the water jets or going near the giant bucket that dumps out gallons of water every few minutes. She was clinging onto daddy for dear life and was screaming for "momma" most of the Hey, I'd probably be scared too if I was only two. Lounging inside the pool is more her cup of tea. Callum was a little trooper and enjoyed getting his little feet in the water. He seemed to have a good time relaxing by the poolside with his binkie. I was just glad the kids were able to stay cool!

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