Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

It was a Merry Christmas at the Mammen household this year, as Santa was very good to Avery and Callum. They were thrilled to see that Santa had come during the wee hours and had left lots of presents under the tree and had filled their stockings with goodies. He even ate all but one of the eggnog cookies we left out for him. (Daddy couldn't eat anymore cookies)

I must say, it was definately the year for dress up clothes for Avery. All said and done, she ended up with 7 new princess dresses, with accessories of course, which she has literally been parading in all day. Callum did pretty well also. One of his favorite gifts was a lionel train set. He loves holding the remote himself and watching the train go around the track, as he yells "Choo Choo", everytime it goes around.

Our house looked like Toys R Us when the day was over, and everyone was happy, so I know it was another awesome Christmas!

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