Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrating with Christian

After many fun outings to the mall and picnics at the park, Avery and Callum had to say their goodbyes to their little buddy Christian today. He and his mommy are moving to Arizona the beginning of next week to be closer to family. Although Avery and Callum don't know exactly where Arizona is, they know that it's very far away from here. They love playing with Christian, and since we live just up the street it was easy for them to develop such a great little friendship.

Today was special since it was Christian's 3rd birthday, and we were invited to their house to celebrate with him. There was cake, lots of presents, and big smiles. They were happy to celebrate with him today, and although they will miss him lots (and I will miss his mommy lots), wish him tons of happiness in his new home!

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