Monday, July 18, 2011

So long crib

Callum didn't mind posing at all to show off his big boy bed!
Callum is transitioning nicely into his "big boy" bed. We decided he was ready when he started to climb out of crib during naptime and quietly tip toe around the house. He thought it was the funniest thing ever and seemed very proud of himself that he had mastered it. Honestly, I'm thankful, and very surprised that he wasn't climbing out of his crib at a younger age. He's always proved to be such a little dare devil.

We are thinking that he will be ready to be potty trained soon.....possibly next month if I get myself focused and ready to go! Philip and I have already walked into the room several times to see him trying to change his own diaper. He had even gotten the diaper pad, diaper, and wipies all set up on the floor. Luckily, we had walked in at just the right time. Pretty darn hilarious!

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