Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Avery

Now that things have settled down a bit around here, I am able to catch up on the blog. We just moved to a new home in Corona and are finally where we want to be. Everything is just about unpacked, so we are able to unwind and relax a little bit. Things have been a bit hectic around here, or crazy to say the least.

Avery just celebrated her 5th birthday last week and she'll be starting kindergarten next week. Wow, where did my little girl go? We just got her enrolled in school this morning and got to check out her new school campus. We'll get to meet her teacher, Mrs. Rangle, next week before school starts. She is very excited for school to start! I remember when we were touring preschools for her and now she is transitioning into kindergarten, where does the time go? She is growing up too quickly. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I wish there was a pause button I could push to slow it down. I love watching how much she has grown through the years and how she has changed from one year to the next, and I love being her mommy.

Happy Birthday to my big girl! I love you so so so sooooo much!!!


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