Friday, November 22, 2013

Callum's Bites his Tongue

So I got a call from Callum's teacher yesterday saying that he had bitten through his tongue while eating lunch and it was bleeding pretty good. So my first response, being the mom I am, ran outta the house and drove (okay raced) about 50 mph up the hill to his school, lol! When I got there Miss Felisa told me he didn't want to eat anymore of his lunch and she noticed his mouth was bleeding. She looked in his mouth and saw a cut across his tongue and a lot of blood. Apparently my little guy had chomped down on his tongue while eating his food and sliced right through the top about a quarter of an inch long. OOOUCHH! The crazy thing about it was, he wasn't even crying and was completely calm about it, and when I got there he was sucking on a popsicle and looked completely fine. I on the other hand was a bit surprised! My poor little guy!We've been monitoring it and have been having him rinse with warm salt water in the mean time. It looks like it should heal just fine. Just something else we can smile about later on, right?! ;)

 Day #2 of tongue injury. You can see where the cut is and part of his tongue pokes out from the side because he sliced it underneath.  :)

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