Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visit to the Science Discovery Center

Well, the holidays are officially over and things have calmed down around here. Happy New Year by the way! My parents and I had decided to take Avery and Callum down to the Science Discovery Center in Santa Ana this weekend. I've never been there before and I thought Avery would have fun exploring. We've seen the giant gingerbread cookie on the top of the building a million times passing by on the freeway, and it sparked our curiosity. Luckily we made it on time for the gingerbread house display because this was the last weekend. Not only was it neat to look at but it smelled pretty darn yummy too! They had other fun things to look at like the outdoor dinosaur exhibits, which was one of Avery's favorites. She loves the dinosaurs, as long as they're not moving of course. They also had a rock climbing area where she wanted to put herself to the test. Hey, she's got to burn all that energy somehow. She seemed to enjoy the Gravity Well display and tossing all the balls kept her pretty entertained. What a fun place for the kids! After a couple hours of exploring and one tired, cranky little boy, we headed home.

Avery and Grandpa looking at the Gingerbread houses

Avery's gingerbread friend!

Me with the kiddos

Little rock climber

Avery sliding down the dinosaur tail slide....Weeee

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