Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under the Weather

My little boy has been very much under the weather the last few days. He just hasn't been his happy, energetic self and has been sooo moody with a persistent fever. Before I took him to his doctor appointment this morning, the poor little guy was laying on the floor and didn't feel up to playing and watching his cartoons. Luckily I was able to get him in for an early appointment so I could get on with my day. Well, it turns out that the doctor doesn't know exactly what's going on, (which isn't a big surprise) and it could possibly be the start of a virus. Also, he says that kids can develop fevers without any other symptoms present and it will just suddenly dissapear. Let's hope that's the case because taking him in for further testing is not on the top of my fun list. I am already stressing out enough as it is! The good news is, he says he doesn't think it's anything serious. I'm hoping this fever will break soon so we can all get back to our happy, regular selves.

Here is a picture of Callum falling asleep on daddy's lap this morning. Poor little guy didn't even want to watch his cartoons.

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