Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Box

So Callum gave me a special Valentine's Day box today at school. His teacher told me I cannot open it and to read the note attached. The note said it was a special present and couldn't be opened, not even on Valentine's Day. The box is filled with his love and I am to hold onto it whenever I'm feeling happy or sad and to know he is always thinking of me. I thought it was very sweet, but Callum didn't seem to be digging this whole not opening the box thing. He wanted me to open it so bad and I told him I wasn't supposed to because it was filled with his love and it would escape if we opened the box. He wasn't buying it for a minute and just responded with, "Mommy, it doesn't have legs and it can't fly away", (duh). Okay, so I don't blame him for not buying it, but I still refused to open the box anyway. I can't put anything past this little smartie pants, lol.

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