Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Callum's last week of Preschool

Had a good parent teacher conference with Callum's preschool teacher Ms Felisa today. He is doing great and more than ready for kindergarten! With much thought, I've decided to pull him out of school a little early so this will be his last week of preschool. I couldn't have been happier with his school this year, he had some really wonderful teachers and made such a great group of friends. We will definately miss them, but on to bigger and better things.....like being a BIG kindergartener! :)

In his school portfolio Ms Felisa had put some pictures of his drawings that he had done throughout the school year. Each month he had drawn a picture of himself and I thought they were too cute I had to post them. Notice how each month they become more and more creative. My favorite one is November, he has such a big smile and a whole lotta teeth, lol. I'm thinking these are gonna be keepers!!

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